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My name is Hermann Vogt. I live in Groß Hehlen, a village near Celle, a small town near Hannover in nothern Germany.

I was born in 1964 in Celle. I have a diploma in Mathematics from the University of Hannover and a Ph.D. in human biology (computergraphics and neuroanatomy) from the Medical School Hannover. Currently I am working in the software industrie.

Playing drums is only a hobby for me. I'm playing snare drum since the age of 9 and drum set since the age of 18. I have learned most thing on my own (with the help of my observation capability and my analytical mind). From time to time I arrange some pieces of music for our local wind and brass band where I am also the master of drums (the Musikzug Groß Hehlen).

Many, many years ago I decided not to make music my profession, for me an equitable but also questionable decision. Would I be happier? May be! Or may be not...

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